how do you write a cv?


Yeah yeah, we get it. Writing a CV is no fun. It's tiring, exhausting, and you need to constantly update it.

  That's why we're here! We've gathered some important tips and have learned from some of the leading recruiters in the industry.

So, mute your phone, get your CV in front of you, and concentrate.


3 Important Tips




We cannot stress this one enough.

Edit your resume so it'll fit one single A4 page. ONE. SINGLE. PAGE.

If it's not that important, and it doesn't make you look good - it might just make you look bad.

It is recommended to have minimal yet super relevant content, rather than having a lot of content that is only somewhat relevant.

The average recruiter takes about 5 seconds (!) to go over a resume. Make sure you write in big/bold headlines the most crucial / impressive / intriguing chunks of information about you.

This is how it should look like

Contact Details

Make sure you write your updated details! Attach a link to your LinkedIn account and GitHub (in the case that you have one)


Specify all of your technical skills, for example; programming languages and various softwares that you're familiar with.

Some positions require specific skills, so if you'll indicate clearly you fit the bill - you'll make the recruiters job way easier and they'll like you that much more.


If you have high grades - mention the courses or your GPA.

This is where you should add impressive or relevant activities you've done during your degree!  

Professional Experience

If you worked or interned in a small or unfamiliar company- provide some background on that company.

For each position you held mention:

1. What were the position     

2. What were you're responsibilities?
3. With which departments did you
   collaborate with?
4. What were the outcomes of your

Additional Experience and Achievements

* Don't have any relevant experience but you've got some cool school projects available online? Add links!

If you have any other additional experience write it at the bottom (As long as it doesn't exceeds one page). Make sure you mention only relevant, recent information. 
You can also address achievements that are not professionally related, but can testify for your character and abilities.  

Do's & don'ts in your resume


not ok

Have an English CV. That's the industry standard nowadays.

Attach a picture. It is no longer custom to add a picture, due to the fact that it might cause some sort of discrimination.

Go over the text 1,000 times and make  sure you have no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Mention professional experience from 10 years ago. Make sure you write only updated experience from the last few years.

Chronological order. Pay attention to the way you organise the events in your CV, the most recent should be on top.

Have a second page on your CV.

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