WhatsApp Add-on


Download this Zip file

Now, double click this file, in order to extract it


Go to: chrome://extensions/

And click Load unpacked

Then, turn on developer mode

Select the folder you just extracted

Switch the developer mode back off


Restart chrome

Finally, close all the windows on chrome, make sure it all close, and relaunch it.

This step is important so don't skip it! :)

OK You're ready to go!!

Now, every time you'll select a phone number, right-click it and select Spetz logo

Every time you'll click the Spetz icon, a new Web-WhatsApp tab will open. This will close your previously opened Web WhatsApp.

We're definitely still testing this feature, so unfortunately, we can't guarantee that it'll work smoothly

This add-on is fresh out of the oven- we'd appreciate if you'll send over any feedback & ideas you might have!  yael@spetz.io